Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Obtaining ASTER Data

(WIST) or from the Japanese ASTER is an on-demand instrument. This means that data is only acquired over a location if a request has been submitted to observe that area. Any data that ASTER has already acquired are available by searching and ordering those data from the Warehouse Inventory Search Tool system. Processing of Level 1A data to Level 1B is provided on demand through the LPDAAC WIST, and the Japanese ASTER Ground Data System. Higher level data products are also produced on demand; instructions for requesting these products can be found by following the links at the left. To request that ASTER acquire new data see instructions found at the link "New Acquisition". If you have scheduled an acquisition coincident with a field campaign, you can see if your acquisition has been scheduled by going to the "Acquisition Calendar".


his section provides descriptions of the ASTER data products, information on how to obtain existing data, and guidance on how to request acquisitions of new data. Other links point you to additional tools for data browse, ordering and processing, developed outside of the EOSDIS framework. Here you will also find a link to the ASTER spectral library.

ASTER Level 1 data are archived and can be searched and ordered. Higher level, calibrated and derived products, are created on-demand for each user. Information is provided under "Obtaining Data" to help with the process.

ASTER Mission

ASTER is a cooperative effort between NASA and Japan's Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI), with the collaboration of scientific and industry organizations in both countries. The ASTER instrument provides the next generation in remote sensing imaging capabilities compared with the older Landsat Thematic Mapper, and Japan's JERS-1 OPS scanner. ASTER captures high spatial resolution data in 14 bands, from the visible to the thermal infrared wavelengths; and provides stereo viewing capability for digital elevation model creation. As the "zoom lens" for Terra, ASTER data are used by other Terra and space-borne instruments for validation and calibration.

Above is an illustration of the Terra spacecraft with the ASTER instrument highlighted. The links to the left under "Mission" will tell you about EOS, science applications, the instrument, and the ASTER airborne simulator.