Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Obtaining ASTER Data

(WIST) or from the Japanese ASTER is an on-demand instrument. This means that data is only acquired over a location if a request has been submitted to observe that area. Any data that ASTER has already acquired are available by searching and ordering those data from the Warehouse Inventory Search Tool system. Processing of Level 1A data to Level 1B is provided on demand through the LPDAAC WIST, and the Japanese ASTER Ground Data System. Higher level data products are also produced on demand; instructions for requesting these products can be found by following the links at the left. To request that ASTER acquire new data see instructions found at the link "New Acquisition". If you have scheduled an acquisition coincident with a field campaign, you can see if your acquisition has been scheduled by going to the "Acquisition Calendar".

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